Successful Kick Cronut Make Pastry Expert Revealed Completed By Yong Gunawan  Jakarta – Indonesian people against cronut enthusiasm is still high . This is evident from convening cronut detikfood cooking class for the second time . Guided Yong Gunawan expert pastry , pastry making class marriage lasted croissants and donuts interactive !

Located at The Cook Shop , Jakarta , Saturday ( 07/12/13 ) , cooking class cronut detikfood reopened . This activity was held to accommodate those who entered the long waiting list cronut first cooking class because of the limited capacity of the place .

Starting at 10:00 , the participants were all women immediately surrounds the kitchen table where Yongki action . The experts pastrypun opening this class to expose things to remember before you start making cronut .

” Cronut can not use eggs or baked croissant recipe , because it will absorb the oil , ” said Yong . And he chose butter and margarine pastry coating the water yield of 0 % so that the oil does not get into cronut .

In making cronut , required high protein wheat flour with a protein content of 13-14 % . One popular brand is a Chakra Twin commonly used to make bread and noodles . Instead of cake flour ( 11-12 % , Blue Triangle ) is a versatile and low protein ( in that 11 % , Blue Key ) are often used to make cakes and pastries .

“If you want the result is soft , use bread improver , ” Yong suggestions . One brand is CB One , but this material is not required to be used . This man also reminded the basic technique when mixing the ingredients . ” Mix the dry ingredients first , separate the wet ingredients , then mix the two , ” he said .

Yong recommend the use of crushed ice slightly as a substitute for water . The goal is that the dough is not hot shaken and the results are good . When whisk to the mixer , use low speed until all the ice cubes melt and do not read ‘ klutuk – klutuk ‘ again .

Wear a ‘ hook ‘ in the form of a spiral or hook beneath it , to stir ordinary bread dough . Not ‘ whisk ‘ the bubbly to whisk the eggs , nor ‘ paddle’ flat to stir the butter .

After practicing how to make dough cronut original , Yong creative by mixing ‘ red velvet cake mix’ and ‘ kraftkorn ‘ to make Red Velvet Cronut and Cereal Cronut . Not to forget , how to make custard variety of flavors such as mango , green tea , or cream cheese for the stuffing cronut also exemplified .

” For the custard filling green tea , green tea essences use to get a bright green color . Add a bit of the original green tea powder ( matcha ) to get the flavor and aroma , ” said Yong .

Dominique Ansel creator cronut cronutnya to inject custard . However , Yong prefers splitting cross cronut vlanya to be more practical and more evenly .

How to make chocolate or white chocolate topping is also shown . ” You should wear fresh dairy cream remaining fat and no sweet milk to make it more palatable. Unlike non-dairy cream that the fat is taken and tastes sweeter , ” he said .

Yong encourage participants to be creative to make cronut bolder . ” Cronut savory , why not ? Contents could be chicken ragout . Wear ‘ mayonnaise mayo ‘ soy is not easy to melt , do not ‘ real mayonnaise ‘ which is made from eggs and salad oil , because it is easy to melt , ” he advised .

After learning to make the dough , fold the dough with fat , printing , frying , and decorating cronut , this time tasting croissants and donuts this marriage . The scramble pesertapun cronut tasting the finished piece .

Wow , nice fluffy cronutnya , high evenly with a layer of pastry that looks clear . The color is golden yellow . Crunchy texture without feeling greasy left , let alone the Cereal Cronut . Custard filling and chocolate topping and sliced ​​almonds make it taste even more delicious !

After lunch with rice , black pepper beef , and salad , participants each took home two cronut . There is no cost involved detikfood cooking class !

Nutritionist Benefits of Water Consumption This White and Clear Vegetable Soup Diet Today  Jakarta – Selecting menu daily intake when dieting and the weight loss program , it would be even more selective . In addition to vegetables and fruits , other intake apparently also can provide a positive influence to your diet program . Among them water and vegetable broth clear .

” For diet , make sure the water consumption of not less than 2 liters per day . Ideally is to drink 40 cc of water per kilogram of body weight , ” said Rita Ramayulis , DCN , Kes , nutritionists graduate Clinical Nutrition University of Gajah Mada , the detikHealth and written on Friday ( 02/07/2014 ) .

So if for example your current weight is 60 kg , then 60 multiplied by 40 , which is 2400 cc or 2.4 liters . This means you should drink at least 2.4 liters of water per day . What is the function you fulfill your intake of water daily ?

” First, it can provide satiety effect on the body . Because hunger is emerging is not necessarily really hungry , can be emotional eating . Prior to eat first make sure it is really hungry or not to drink water . Secondly , water transport launched and fatty substances in the body that will be thrown away , “said Rita .

Women who is now active as a professor of nutrition majors polytechnic Jakarta II mentions that in addition to water , you can also use vegetable broth clear water , such as spinach or katuk .

” Gravy vegetable nodes is highly recommended for those who are dieting . Because it still contains substances micronutrients also previously owned by the vegetable . These micronutrients substances found in many fruits and vegetables . So if you ‘re eating vegetable nodes , also spent broth , ” said Rita .

This micronutrient substances mentioned by Rita also contains a lot of antioxidants , so in addition to helping you lose weight , it can also beautify the skin’s structure and make the skin look younger . ” Circulatory also be smooth , ” he continued .

detikHealth held detikHealth Reader ‘s Choice 2013 , a survey was held on December 20, 2013 until January 15, 2014 . A total of 3,819 people have participated , comprising 54 percent of the respondents were female and 46 percent male respondents , who are spread throughout Indonesia .

From the results of the survey , most readers have apparently detikHealth meet drinking water needs in a day . The survey stated that 1,749 readers used to drinking water more than 8 glasses per day . While 1,387 readers drink 6-8 glasses of water per day , 563 readers drink 4-6 glasses of water per day , and 120 readers of drinking less than 4 cups per day .

It was the King of Modified Toyota Yaris Year  Jakarta – Yaris Show Off ( YSO ) was held again this year . The finalists truly demonstrate creativity each highly optimized . Various themes and creative ideas have also poured in modifying the Yaris .

Assessment and the sum of all the points collected by the jury , eventually King of Yaris Show Off grabbed by Butterfly Evening with the concept of hybrid technology .

Meanwhile , first runner-up won by Signal Kustom of London with a view resembling Yaris Hybrid Body Kits .

” Hopefully through this event YSO increasingly honed creativity of young people . YSO We hope to continue to be on the agenda in the annual event which is important for users who are youthful Yaris creative , ” said President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor ( TAM ) Johnny Darmawan in between Toyota sidelines Appreciation Night in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 02/04/2014 ) .

For the winner of the King of Yaris Show Off is entitled to receive one unit of the All New Toyota Yaris as well as the opportunity to watch the Super GT race at Fuji Speedway , Japan .

” In addition to providing container youthful positive distributing and supporting creativity , YSO is also a place of gathering fans Yaris and young people in general , ” lugasnya .

As I’ve reported, the King of Yaris Show Off is a very distinctive exterior made ​​by children Yogya . With scissors door models door , the door will automatically open up .

The body dimodif total with graphic decorated with paint plus LED lights which highlight sharp . Another unique Toyota logo made ​​bright red .

His legs also look cool with the use of artificial Soleil large rim . With the use of air suspension , the car body can be made fall or rise to the top .

The interior of this car looks very sophisticated . Car cabin filled with various gadgets that regulates almost all functions of the car .

With Android-based applications , to open the door , or replace the suspension height living alone touch -screen tablet .

Well this car unique is the addition of an electric motor that it can be used to drive the rear wheels .

So the car has two sources of propulsion , the gasoline engine to the front wheels and an electric motor to drive the rear wheels . However Kunto not mention this as a hybrid system .

“The concept of global Yaris , global warming , so we are looking for options that are environmentally friendly . ‘s Our separate electric motor system , so it is not a hybrid . Hybrid if it mutual support . If we separate cars , so there would stay chosen to use an electric motor or engine gasoline , ” he said .

To select this mode can be done by turning the knob on the console next to the driver . Want to use a rear or front drive systems , only played live . Sophisticated !

Electric motor with a capacity of approximately 30 kW and weighs about 30 kg . While the battery is quite heavy around 160 kg was also kept near the trunk of the car .

When the battery starts to run out , we can turn the knob again to use a gasoline engine . Then the electric motor will be a generator to charge the batteries .

” The bike is we want to let a small saving . Once ngecas be 90 miles with our speed limit 60 miles per hour . If the battery runs out , the engine can charge the battery to , so had to use a regenerative system , ” he said .

In addition to interior and dual drive system , one of the sophistication of this car is able to run his own car using a standard remote control for a RC car .

“We use a remote control , so it can walk a long way, ” said Kunto .

Unfortunately when the car is seen Wollipop News last week , could not be demonstrated by way of action itself , because the situation in Epiwalk that does not allow .

However Kunto Yaris could show which runs its own video on the tablet . Yaris was in the garage and immediately play the hand according as the remote control .

” With the remote module that cars can turn left and right . Steering wheel to full muternya . So toys like remote , the remote can still be used at a distance of 300 meters . Standard distance for RC cars , ” he said .

By using the remote control , the car can only go up to 30 miles per hour . Well want to know how the reviews detikOto the king Yaris Show Off this year , could Otolovers simaknya here .

This way a Foreign Member of EXO, f (x), GOT7, SuJu-M Celebrate Chinese New YearWhen people celebrate the Lunar New Year with family is not necessarily felt by the celebrities . Not infrequently they even work when the Lunar like Micky Yoochun JYJ Kim Soo Hyun or the film series . And what about the fate of the other idol ?

EXO which has many members from China could be relieved of this year . Kris , Tao , Luhan and Lay could return to their hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year with his family . Amber f ( x ) is also given a holiday to return to the United States , in contrast with the fate of the filming Victorian drama ” Cocoon Town Legend ” .

As with other SM family , Henry of Super Junior – M also got off despite choosing not to return home . He decided to celebrate Chinese New Year with his friends . ” Henry plans to spend Chinese New Year in Korea while eating ddukguk ( rice cake soup ) with his friend , ” said a spokesman for BC .

Meanwhile 2PM’s Nichkhun had to settle for celebrating Chinese New Year in Japan because there was a tour group in Nagoya at the end of January. Celebrating with my colleagues in the group also felt Peniel BtoB watching ” Idol Star Athletics Championships ” together while eating ddukguk .

While GOT7 which half the members are from outside of Korea was forced to give up the Chinese New Year holiday . Mark the United States , Jackson came from Hong Kong , and Bam Bam from Thailand had to settle for Chinese New Year together with a group of colleagues in Korea .

” Foreign Member GOT7 will remain in Korea and completed activities , ” said a spokesman for JYP Entertainment . ” Because all the members live together then they will eat ddukguk -yack . “

The impact jammed Flood Capital Long, Perforated Pun StreetThe water is still flooding the streets Gunung Sahari Raya , Central Jakarta on Tuesday night , so the vehicle was running slowly . Although water levels have receded , a pool of 40 centimeters tall riders yet still make the vehicle safe and worry they will strike .

not only worry about puddles riders . Gaping holes in every corner of the road which is partially covered puddles forcing them to be careful , worried his car would fall .

In addition to highways , flooding also soak in the way of settlements Industry , Central Jakarta . Even flooding due to overflowing Ciliwung Inspection times , the water reached a height of 50 cm . Nevertheless, people are still reluctant to evacuate and chose to stay at home endure .

Floods also inundated highways Teluk Gong , Networking , North Jakarta . As of Tuesday afternoon , the water level has not receded and still be crossed by vehicles . However, these conditions lead to congestion because the vehicle can not run fast .

Flooding due to overflowing this time Angke also soak houses in Kapok Muara district , Networking , West Jakarta . Residents whose homes were submerged chose refuge in school buildings that are not flooded.

So that activity can continue to operate , some residents were forced to use boats even though the rent is quite expensive .

Husqvarna 510 SMR, Special To Motor RareMention the brand may only be heard in continental Europe , but that does not mean there are baseball Husqvarna here loh . One of these modifications are exhibited at this page . Husqvarna is a rare find, already preening become more beautiful and special.

It is certain that the process is also not carelessly baseball bike looks tacky and eccentric . “Hence, the form of the motor not changed much , only that we replace the front fender . Well that makes the difference because we make a new decal with orange and yellow base color for this bike , ” open Lerry Rizki Rahmat , builder of Caos Custom Bike ( CCB ) .

While booking the decal is being made , and the troops worked Lerry legs . Husqvarna 510 SMR supermoto the original is financed rim radius , but this time deliberately use bolt rim . “I’ll be different , not like a supermoto most hell , ” explained the headquarters Lerry Jewel in the region , South Jakarta .

Eh but also not a haphazard peleknya tablets , because wear Marchesini output . Brand is famous for its quality and price is quite high . These rims wrapped in Avon tires 120/70-17 and 160/60-17 Distanzia . The size is really gambot bro .

Nah miss some devices also replaced the motor , such as Renthal handlebars , Zeta handguard , rear view of the rhizomes and Termignoni racing exhaust output . Where the exhaust BMW R1200GS life had , so the more visible large tuh . All the more special when the decal blend Tryink already finished and fitted to the motor body .

The news release Iqbaal & Kiki, Coboy Junior denies setting

The personnel Coboy emphatically denied that Junior Iqbaal release only a deliberate setting . Surprisingly , until now it was the fourth child and the management does not want to answer the news media and asked to wait until they do a press conference on February 5, 2014 3 or the next .

” Why should also make the setting , really evil , this fix in the crowded news media twitter , this is not of our own , ” said Orange Iqbaal in Kebun area , West Jakarta , Sunday ( 2/2 ) .

In fact, the owner ‘s full name Iqbaal Ramadan Dhiafakhri it still continues to follow any activity undertaken Coboy Junior . Personally , he insists not want to get out of the group who had made ​​his name .

” Kan baseball want to say out well , as long as we can be four, yes four of us , ” said Iqbaal .

Indeed , recent news buzz about a band that was born on July 23, 2011 , the start of the death until the latest Iqbaal , discharge and resignation Iqbaal Kiki .

” Actually, in Indonesia there are ngefans and nothing like the same baseball we , perhaps ( who spread the rumor ) that we both love baseball , ” Iqbaal lid .

Bobcats Defeat Lakers Give streak Sixth

Los Angeles – La Lakers re- submission . Playing at Staples Center on Saturday ( 01/02/2014 ) morning local time, their sixth defeat in a row when the Charlotte Bobcats defeated by 100-110 .

Playing in front of his own supporters , the Lakers had lost the collection points since the first quarter . When the Bobcats already excel in positions 31-27 .

Mike D’ Antoni made ​​the squad was not able to rise in the second quarter because they are actually lagging further and further away . At halftime the Lakers 49-62 .

The Lakers then able to collect two more points in the final quarter . But it was not enough to prevent them from having to give up a whopping 100-110 . It became the Lakers sixth defeat in a row after they also fell when dealing with the Indiana Pacers , New York Knicks , Orlando Magic , Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls .

Another poor record of the Lakers recorded this fight is the fact that they had 14 -game losing streak with more than 100 points . Quoted from Yahoosport , the Lakers have never had a bad record since they lost 17 ​​consecutive games in the 1986-87 season .

Al Jefferson was the star Bobcats with 40 points for prayer , where 16 of them scored in the final quarter . With the number of points that Al Jefferson also managed to equal his personal record that scored more than 20 points in 11 matches in a row . One again , Jefferson also made ​​18 rebounds throughout the game .

Still not reinforced Kobe Bryant , Steve Nash , Steve Blake , Jordan Farmar and Xavier Henry were injured , collecting the most points in the Lakers camp in this game is Pau Gasol with 24 points . While Nick Young added 21 points more .

Concerts in Japan, Donghae - Eunhyuk release handsome poster

Monday ( 27/1 ) yesterday , one of the principal dancers of Super Junior that is Lee Donghae posted a photo on his Instagram account with the caption, ” D & E , Donghae and Eunhyuk’s Japan concert to be held !”

Along with the writing , Donghae also posted a photo of himself with Eunhyuk as a promotional poster for the concert material they are both in Japan .
It appears in the poster , Donghae and Eunhyuk posing with facial compete but not at each other . Both men stared at the handsome looks serious and so mysterious , as reported .

Two members were successfully released his debut song Oppa Oppa units that choose to appear dark with a neat all in black and white tuxedo and a different pattern . It’s Donghae and Eunhyuk looks so handsome and able to make ELF hysterical .

Both the member and friend was planning to close it soon release their first Japanese album as a duo unit . They jug will be busy with concert tour in several cities in Japan starting in March. Many ELF are looking forward to the second appearance of this sexy man .

Beautiful music group 2NE1

Formed in 2009, 2NE1 tried to take the genre of music that is a little different from the other female music group. The group consists of Park Bom, Sandara Park, Lee Chaerin and Gong Minji was trying to give a touch of hip hop.

Differences that ultimately deliver their songs, like ‘Fire’, ‘I Do not Care’, ‘Try to Follow Me’, and ‘Go Away’ on top of the charts in South Korea. 2NE1 fans not only admire the songs of his favorite music group, they were also inspired by the style of dress each unique member of 2NE1.